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The Spanish Lifestyle

This is a lifestyle choice that offers the benefits of a better climate throughout the year including a large reduction in the number of wet days per year and a large increase in clear sky sunshine even when compared to the south coast of the UK where the best of the UK weather can be found. A simple visit will soon show you why so many people have chosen Spain to retire.

1 Climate: The Spanish Mediterranean has the best climate in Europe. In coastal provinces like Alicante, Castellón, Valencia, Baleares, Almería, Murcia... people enjoy the sun, sat on their mobile home decking and also enjoy travelling out to the quiet beaches all year round.

2 Healthy diet: The traditional Spanish diet - grains, cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, olive oil, and even red wine (yes! According to some experts, a glass of red wine a day is good for you!) are just some of the wonderful dishes you will come to enjoy living in Spain.

3 Spanish language: Spanish is one of the World's leading languages and is spoken by 450 million people in Spain, Latin America and the USA. Take advantage of living in Spain to learn the language. It's a fun language to learn whilst enjoying your new lifestyle. On some parks their is free lessons.

Mobile Homes in Spain

Having a mobile home in Spain offers a new haven of freedom and the chance to enjoy a new comfortable lifestyle abroad. Whether you're sitting outside on your decking and soaking up the sun or relaxing by the mobile home parks own swimming pool, you will reach new levels of comfort and relaxation. Companies including mobile home link courtesy of mobilehomeseurope Carefree Lifestyle, mobile home link courtesy of mobilehomeseurope Costa Park Home Spain and mobile home link courtesy of mobilehomeseurope MSC Caravans in Spain have spent years researching the best mobile home parks in Spain and offer a wide choice of mobile home link courtesy of mobilehomeseurope new mobile homes and mobile home link courtesy of mobilehomeseurope resale mobile homes in Spain to help guide you towards this new lifestyle abroad.

Mobile Home Park Swimming Pool in Spain

Living in a mobile home community offers new friendships with like minded people and the chance to socialise with a group of individuals all sharing a relaxing lifestyle in the sun. Many foreign residents actually prefer their Spanish mobile homes in the low season months, when tourists disappear, and the climate is still warm enough to enjoy fully all the advantages of living in the country or on the coast.

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Each mobile home park on mobilehomeseurope has it's own distinct feel and design, and every company represented will make sure that you have all the information you will need to make a informed choice on which mobile home park suits you best. If you would prefer, you can contact us and we will put you in touch with mobile home link courtesy of mobilehomeseurope the right mobile home company for Spain.

Spotlight on:

Mobile Home Link Courtesy of Mobile Homes Europe For Italy Antequera

In the southern locality of Spain, you will find the sun soaked town of Antequera, a municipality in the province of Málaga, part of the Spanish community of Andalucia.

Hugely rich in culture, history and heritage, Antequera was established back in the Bronze Age and there are some amazing monuments to be found everywhere: tombs which date back to 2,500 BC, the national park of El Torcal with its unique limestone formations, Roman baths, Baroque churches and Renaissance palaces and a 13th Century Moorish castle, all remain to pay tribute to the strategic and historic importance of Antequera in days gone by.

Mobile Home Parks in Spain - Antequera

In the vast fertile plains of the valley to the north, an almost vertical, 800 metre high limestone rock overlooks the town and valley. "The Lovers Rock" as it is called, where local legend has it that two young lovers, a Christian man and a Moorish woman jumped to their death rather than deny their forbidden love..... Read more